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Sweaty Palms and Nausea May Point to the Start of a Panic Attack

When people are in the midst of an anxiety attack, they get sudden onset heart palpitations, similar to a heart attack. Many people with phobias such as fear of heights or a fear of spiders will get a feeling of their fears being uncontrollable and they are unable to fully function in a proper “normal” manner. Many people have complained of constant perspiration on their back, cleavage, hands and back of the neck where you don’t normally sweat due to heat. For those suffering from mild cases of anxiety, an “attack” does not necessarily mean you are out of control and unable to function properly. It could mean feeling internally extremely apprehensive about something and truly questioning yourself whether or not you believe you will be able to complete what you are upset about. You may find that your palms are sweaty, or that you sweat profusely. Your may feel waves of nausea or lightheadedness as though you may possibly faint. In mild cases, these symptoms of panic attack can go away quickly. In more severe cases, however, your attacks can be crippling, making you unable to function in the outside world.

Panic Disorder Statistics

Did you know that nearly 1 out of 75 people suffer from panic disorder? But before you carry the weight of similar issues on our shoulders, this article will brief you about panic disorder.

Panic disorder is an illness that is characterized by continuous episodes of intense, gripping fear associated with heart palpitations, nausea and painful sensations. If a person experiences a minimum of two unanticipated future attacks and alarming worries with regards to having behavioral changes to prevent future attacks. The disorder is caused by mental stress, or worries, unresolved issues, psychological vulnerabilities or even a combination of all three. Research has show that nearly 10% of people that are healthy suffer an isolated panic illness attack each year.

A panic attack usually lasts for a maximum of 10 minutes. The usual panic attacks frequency suggests four attacks occur in four weeks, subsequently followed by one month of frightful expected attacks. Panic disorder normally occurs in the late adolescent period or the early period of adulthood.

Approximately 50% to 60% of people experiencing panic disorder experience primary depressive disorders that was reported by the United States Surgeon Generals Report last 1999. About 2.4 million or roughly 1.7% of adults in the 18-54 age range suffers from panic disorder annually and 1 out of 3 people experiencing panic disorder evolve to having agoraphobia. An average of 70% of the disorder patients suffer extra psychiatric and psychological conditions. Moreover, approximately 40% of panic disorder patients experience depression as well.

Women are more likely to suffer from panic disorder than men and according to the survey conducted by the National institutes of Mental Health, about 1 in 75 people may suffer from panic disorder and only about 1 in 4 people with the illness obtain medical treatment as stated by the National Institutes of Mental Health.

One million Americans suffer from the symptoms of panic disorder and approximately 3 million Americans are expected to experience panic disorder.

Here are some profile points of panic disorder patients:

? Averaging 60% at ages 18 to 34 years old

? The onset of the illness usually at age 24

? The number ration of male patients to female patients is 28 and 72 respectively.

? The number percentage of married patients is 51

? Average percentage of divorced patients is 24

? Approximately 50% of panic disorder patients are no longer able to drive over a 3-mile distance from their homes.

? About 30% of the patients are alcoholics, 17% are drug addicts, 42% take tranquilizers, 83% have declined work quality performance, 67% lost their jobs and 43% are no longer able to work even once for a month.

? Twenty percent (20%) are financially dependent on disability or welfare programs.

The most common treatment for panic disorder is drug or behavioral therapy. A combination of the two usually brings the best results. A significant 70% to 90% of panic disorder patients have been treated successfully. The frequently used behavioral treatment technique is the desentization or simply a gradual exposure to several panic situations. Appreciable signs of positive effects of behavioral treatment can be observable within three to six weeks.

About 35% of the patients have stopped drug treatments due to some side effects caused by a quick-working drug known as benzodiazepines. This drug is believed to reduce the symptoms of the illness. However, the drug is proven to have adverse affects as well. Statistics report that averages of 28% of panic disorder patients are carried to emergency rooms within a period of six months of using the drug.

If you think you or your loved on is suffering from panic disorder, you should visit a psychiatrist immediately to help you with this problem.

Coping with Anxiety Panic Attack

Anxiety panic attack is manifested by the following physical symptoms: stress sensations, rapid heartbeat, chest pain/tightness, tension headaches, light headedness, sweaty palms, fatigue, low energy and sleep disturbance. Aside from the physical symptoms, patients also have problems when it comes to socializing with others, since they tend to be shy, introverted, nervous, self-conscious, have a fear of embarrassment and public speaking. They also tend to recollect mistakes and they become hypersensitive.

Since anxiety panic disorder is an emotional disorder, patients usually develop an awful view towards life that reflects on their thought patterns. Usually patients with anxiety panic disorder will have frequent worries, will always fear the worst will happen and there are also cases wherein a patient thinks he or she is going crazy.

This type of thought pattern, if not given attention, will likely cause slight paranoia and develop a feeling of uncertainty. There are also times a patient also becomes too analytical and tends to over analyze everything, which often results in fearing the worst will always happen to them. This usually leads to depression, anxiety, stress and then finally a panic attack.

Anxiety panic attacks are quite scary, especially if you happen to experience one in a situation that puts your life at risk, such as while you?re speeding down the highway in your car. This is definitely a life threatening situation since the possibility of you having an accident is a strong possibility. In situations like this it?s best to pull over to the side of the road and get out of your car to get some fresh air. Practice breathing. Inhale and then hold your breath for two second before breathing out. Repeat this until you finally feel calm and relax.

Anxiety panic disorder is one of the common mental disorders currently prevalent in the world today. However, in US alone, about 19.1 million or 13.3% of the adult population between the ages of 18 to 54 are suffering from this condition. Anxiety disorder can really increase depression which leads to serious attacks.

There are, of course, effective treatments that can prevent anxiety attacks from occurring frequently. Treatments range from medications to therapies which are proven very effective in helping patients with anxiety panic disorders. These treatments help these patients live a normal life that is free from recurring anxiety attacks.

Proper treatment, together with better understanding of what anxiety panic disorder is all about, can increase the chances of a patient to recover fast. Likewise, new technologies are continuously being developed in order to better know the biological, psychological as well as the social factors that contribute to the development of anxiety disorder. This, of course, will lead to better treatments and better ways of controlling anxiety attacks.

Factors That Contribute To Anxiety Disorder

Research has determined that anxiety disorder is hereditary. There has been evidence that shows heredity is in fact a great factor in the development of anxiety. It?s believed there are some genetic factors that might have been activated by an experience or a situation that evokes abnormal feelings of fear, depression and stress which leads to anxiety.

Another factor that has been discovered to cause anxiety disorder is brain chemistry. This has been determined after it was observed that medications given to patients suffering from anxiety disorder tend to alter the levels of chemicals in the brain, which results in controlling the attack.

A person?s personality type also contributes to the development of anxiety disorder. Most of the people who?ve been observed suffering anxiety attacks are those who have a very uptight personality or those with can?t-take-a-joke type of personality.

Life experiences also increases the possibility of anxiety attacks. Experiences such abuse, violence and even poverty can cause the development of anxiety disorder. Likewise, medicines like amphetamines, Ecstasy or LSD can trigger anxiety panic attacks.

Relaxation: The Best Reliever for Panic Attack

Someone once said, ?Nothing in this world is constant because day by day everything changes.? This may appear to be an archaic statement for most of you, but the essence of its meaning has merit.

If you?ve experienced panic attacks for several years, it becomes a difficult burden. You bring more than suffering to yourself because your affliction will affect all those around you. Perhaps it?s time to let go of this burden caused by panic disorder in your life.

Panic attack is often disregarded by many people. In the first place, they?re aware they have this disorder, but they tend to ignore it to the point where it gets even worse. Often this is the only time they decide to do something about it.

The majority of the people say the best way to get rid of panic attack is to relax yourself and feel the soothing experience of being fed up with everything that can give you comfort. They might say ?Just relax and take it easy?. This usually happens when you?re at work and you?re being pressured with all the meetings and the paperwork that you?re required to complete in order to accomplish your job requirements. However, as you know, it?s really much easier said than done? Unless you?ve walked a mile in another person?s shoes, you won?t have experienced the pressure brought to you by your boss.

There are times you?re lying on your bed and suddenly your phone rings and you hear your boss?s voice. ?I need the papers on my desk at exactly seven in the morning!? That?s when you freak out.

If you experience this same situation over and over again, you can probably expect the condition of your health to worsen. You?ll certainly suffer from panic attack. You may develop a level of fear of being helpless and you don?t know what to do.

Relaxation is, therefore, necessary because it is a process of that allows you to become loose and limp. It involves a vital part of your body, which is the muscles. It?s the tensing of your muscles that makes you prepare and get ready for your tasks.

The process of relaxation is often associated with certain therapies such as yoga and reiki. However, if you refer to the exact definition of relaxation, it?s defined as a form of amusement and recreation in order to diminish tension. In other words, it?s your prerogative to choose the most comfortable ways for you to make your relaxation possible. It all depends on you and the kind of relaxation that is suitable for you.

When you relax, you free yourself from all types of stressful activities. You leave all the hassles and the worries behind you. You view every aspect that comes into your life in a positive sense, you also develop the idea that in spite of the odds, there?s always a brighter day awaiting you.

You can dance with a groove, sing with your favorite song, paint your emotions, eat your most desired foods or anything releases your stress. Always do what you think will make you happy.

The secret is to let go of all the negative thoughts in your mind and follow what your heart desires. This is the best way to relax yourself and relieve the stress you feel so that you shake off panic attack before it has a chance to take hold of you.

Acute Anxiety Disorder

Acute Anxiety Disorder; What is Anxiety?

When we think of anxiety or stress we mean heavy levels, to the point of interfering with our daily activities. When anxiety and stress stops us from pursuing a productive life, and not being able to carry out the functions of our relationships, that is life damaging. At that point we must seek help.

All Anxiety Disorders What Causes It To cure our condition of excessive anxiety, we must find the cause. Just like depression, the cause of anxiety can come from just about anywhere. We must understand what kind of personality we are, and if we are prone to anxiety in general. Alternatively it can come from some traumatic event which has created the severe anxiety condition in us. Oftentimes it is both a tendency in us from our familial background and genetics, coupled with traumatic events which have led us to suffer such extreme anxiety.

Acute Anxiety Disorder and Finding Our Cure

Strangely enough, one of the biggest blocks to recovery from excessive anxiety, along with depression, is the shame and guilt that almost always goes with it. If we are a man, we feel we should be strong enough to deal with it, for real men do not have emotional defects such as anxiety. If we are a woman, we feel any problems of anxiety indicate our inferiority as a potential mate or a gender defect in us for our career and in motherhood and wifehood.

We may feel that as an adult we should be above emotional needs for such things as encouragement and reassurance. This makes reaching out to find our cure, and seeking help from others very difficult.

Acute Anxiety Disorder We Are Not Alone The truth is many people suffer from life damaging anxiety and stress, and you are not alone. We may feel we are the only ones who have a serious problem with things such as boarding an airplane or sitting in a crowded room. There are not one but two strong reasons for us feeling alone in our problem. The first reason is ‘things most personal are things we keep best hidden.’ The reason you do not see others having the same life damaging feelings of anxiety as you do, is because, they like you avoid the same settings as you do, but you cannot see their avoided settings!

The other reason is we naturally feel any emotional pain we experience is unique to us and to no one else on the planet. It is a perception thing and is not true at all! With every onset of extreme anxiety is the accompanying thought, ‘No one else has this problem but me, because I am inferior.’ This ‘I am terminally unique’ perspective is one of the strongest signs of low self esteem. The truth is you are not inferior and you have it within you much strength and character to overcome your anxiety and live a full life.

Acute Anxiety Disorder; The Third Hitchhiker

We have already discussed some hitchhikers to anxiety and stress, which are shame or guilt. The heaviest hitchhiker however is where the anxiety and stress storm most often gets its energy. That hitchhiker is embarrassment from fear of losing control and panicking. The fear of losing it and freaking out is oftentimes for us more fearful that the setting itself. Proof of this is that we will be far more at ease approaching a stressful setting if others are not around, than if they are!

Acute Anxiety Disorder and God’s Role

If there is anything our life damaging emotional conditions show us is that we are finite and that we are needful. We believe God’s will for every person is to live a life rich and full, in a relationship with Him through His son Jesus Christ. The root of all anxiety and stress issues is always fear. Not just any fear, for fears of danger serves a purpose, but fears which are unnatural and irrational. Those fears were put there by Satan, earlier on in your life, to prevent you from finding your highest good.

Social Anxiety Help and taking God’s Hand

Oftentimes the areas we are prevented from going by our stressors are where God actually has placed our deepest joy and happiness. Someone with apprehensions about going to a big city might be happiest in a big city working around a lot of people. It would follow that in early years Satan might try and put a roadblock preventing God’s child from finding their calling in the area God wants them.

Overcoming Depression With Jesus Christ

Overcoming Depression The Spiritual Battle

If ever Satan had a favorite weapon against humankind, it is Depression. The reasons he chose it are many. The most important reason is because few therapists and Christian counselors know how to combat it at the spiritual level, where its roots lie deeply buried in our souls.

Depression can be categorized by its causes, such as genetic, medical, familial behaviors, emotional or sexual abuse and so on. If we find those causes, we may better understand some of the cure, but not all of it. To fully embrace the cure, we must look at the big picture first, and then we can zoom in on the map and see the dark parts of the road from above not visible at ground level where we are at, because of all the ground clutter.

Overcoming Depression; Understanding Emotionality

God created us in His image, to glorify Him, and to someday live in His presence in a Heaven He is creating for us right now. We are designed as emotional creatures to live in emotions. We are as fish to swim in the sea of emotionality. This sea is of joy and enthusiasm. We are to be excited for the works God has placed in our hearts to do for Him. God intends for us to be full of joy so that we can love and nurture others around us who need it, and to delight with our doing.

In depression we are as fish on dry land, with no emotionality to swim in and we are held captive by gravity, isolated from all others in our pain and emptiness. We are literally paralyzed as human beings and we cannot bring glory to God in any way.

Overcoming Depression; You are Not Alone

In Galatians 5:22 God’s word says: ‘And the fruit of the Spirit is: Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law;’ Does that sound like you or your loved one today? We did not think so. Your paralysis is not in God’s will! He wishes to bring you to Him, in His strength and guidance, and not on your own power.

Overcoming Depression by Understanding The Selfishness Block

Another reason Satan loves emotional pain of all types to paralyze humankind is because of the need for understanding our selfishness for us to heal. That is where the breakdown to healing begins.

The bridge from depression to Christian redemption involves understanding ‘selfishness.’ We must pick our selfishness or sense of self up, and then lay it down again after we have properly embraced it.

The blanket message of our call to Jesus Christ is that we are to deny ourselves and follow Christ, and begin serving others instead of ourselves. The assertion is that we are evil and selfish at the expense of those around us. While that may be true of haughty, self-inflated prideful sinners, that is far from true with those of us with depression, oftentimes victims of emotional abuse or other horrific events such as lost or missing parents.

Overcoming Depression and Our Sense of Self

For us the problem is that we need more selfishness, not less, to gain back our healthy ‘Sense of Self.’ The laying down of ourselves can only come after we are fulfilled and all of our emotional needs are met, and not before. We are the sheep that need to be nurtured back to health, so then we can assume a position of servitude and help others. Sick do not ‘serve,’ they are to ‘be served,’ and this is what our website is all about. We must first gain a ‘sense of self,’ before we can give it back to Jesus Christ for redemption, and moving on. We cannot give back to God that which we have never had, or has been stolen from us!

Overcoming Depression; Accepting God’s Gift of Our Sense of Self First

Overcoming depression means accepting our all important ‘Sense of Self, from God so that we can heal, then as a gift giving it back to God, in our love of Him. Here is where we will help you get back the missing inner core of your being, your self esteem. Then in the right steps we will show you how to give that back to God in the proper context, when your time is correct, but not just yet.

Overcoming Depression with Restored Self Esteem

For the emotionally needful, and those with low self esteem, the acquisition of self esteem to attain strong mental health is supremely important. The first step is for us to realize that we matter and we are infinitely important to God. He wants us to know that, first, foremost and above all else.

Overcoming Depression Just as You Are

We have all heard the words ‘just as you are,’ that God’s people share to those around them. And nowhere is that more specific and correct than to those of us in deep emotional need, with literally no self esteem. In God’s World, there is no such thing as being someone too broken or needful whom God does not want, or cannot use. The more broke you are, the more God loves and wants you. What is exciting is that the more broke you are now, the more wisdom and strength you have inside that you can share with those behind you in years to come!

Please consider trusting in God for your help with depression. God’s greatest joy is in building your high self esteem. We believe with all our hearts that trusting in God through Jesus Christ will open the spiritual door for healing.

Social Anxiety Help And The First Two Pillars of Truth

Our Social Anxiety Help Starts with The First Two Pillars of Truth.

There is a bridge we must build from where you are now, in all your pain and need, to where you need to be on the other side, where you are fulfilled, nurtured, with your entire medical, social and emotional needs fully met. Yes that bridge can be built and we are going to build it right here!

To do that you not only must understand yourself as an individual with all your specific medical, emotional and social needs, but also must understand the entire spiritual world in which you exist as a living being. These four pillars of truth explain it in full perspective.

The First Pillar of Truth: Finding Jesus First

Social Anxiety Help and Depression Treatment must include two things: The first thing is an understanding of us and our medical, emotional and social needs. The second thing is an understanding of our spiritual side and the loving being that created us, along with those very needs. If we do not admit we have a spiritual side, and we ignore the fact that our social needs have a purpose, then meeting our needs with medicine, therapy, and nurturement from others will at some point fail.

Social Anxiety Help: Christ is The Bridge to Your Healing

Christianity is the study of Humankind as we truly are. Religion is the compilation of various theories and belief systems, true or not. Christianity is the only true religion; all others are alternative and false. Religion is the study of man’s relationship to God. Christianity as a religion was created by God to bring man or woman to God, and to give them answers for all their needs, such as depression, anxiety, stress, and low self esteem from emotional abuse or sexual abuse. God not only offers a rich and full emotional life here, but a home with Him in Heaven as well.

All other religions were created by Satan through man to separate man and woman from God and lead them astray, and keep them under the bondage of emotional pain and unmet emotional needs. Satan does that by false reasoning, deception and distraction. Satan uses either decoys and imitations, or arguments such as alternative viewpoints and charismatic personalities. The social anxiety help Satan offers is the Lost misleading the sincere who are also searching.

Satan also presents clinical approaches by themselves for such things as depression, anxiety, stress, and all other forms of emotional pain and need. These, when taken as the final all conclusive answer, act as decoy religion, and lead man and woman further astray from a relationship with God.

Satan exploits the fact that there is a God sized hole in the heart of every person. In cultures where God’s word has not been spoken, or is discouraged by corrupt governments, those people will create false religions to fill that God sized hole in their hearts, based on worshiping reasoning, nature, or some other deceptive value.

Social Anxiety Help and Depression Treatment: Seeing the Intolerance of Other Religions to Christ, and Your Healing

Alternative religions preach and espouse open-mindedness, tolerance and encouragement of diversity amongst themselves, but reveal their true nature by being intolerant and hateful of Christianity alone. That is because they all are the same spirit of deception, and all have a natural hatred of the truth. They will claim to be an answer to heal you emotionally but will act as decoys to lead you further into darkness.

Social Anxiety Help with The Holy Spirit

Any answer for depression, anxiety, low self esteem from all forms of emotional pain and need (which are Satan created and God allowed) must first begin with a foundation of a restored relationship with God through Jesus Christ. This is the only path for anyone to be fully healed emotionally and spiritually forever. All of this will manifest in our relationships as anxiety around other people. No remedy for social anxiety will work alone, permanently without finding Jesus Christ first, for then the Holy Spirit will dwell in our bodies and minds, leading us to the healing disciplines, friendships and settings needed, and then at last we will find peace and fulfillment.

The Second Pillar of Truth: Getting Rid of the Guilt, Shame and Responsibility

Remember in the first pillar of truth we learned what Christianity is and that we need to find Jesus Christ first. It is on this foundation that we can then widen our search, guided by the Holy Spirit to find our specific answers. Social Anxiety Help: Feeling Guilt and Responsible

When we search for answers for such things as depression, anxiety, stress, and low self esteem from emotional abuse, sexual abuse or a missing parent figure, there will seem to be no place to start. These problems are so overwhelming that most who experience such things have completely wrecked lives and will have spent decades in hopeless drifting, not knowing where to begin. We may feel we have tried everything. Almost from the beginning, there will be a natural association of our emotional needs and spiritual failure with it all is our fault.

One of the strongest symptoms of emotional pain is ‘comparison of us to others who are doing well.’ We will see others who are happy, self contained and emotionally empowered. And if we are depressed, afraid of life and have failed at everything we have ever tried to accomplish, this incorrect view will create strong guilt and shame. Oftentimes we see ourselves as complete losers, unable to have nurturing friends or do even the simplest tasks because we are unworthy and incapable.. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Social Anxiety Help: Carrying More Than We Realize

The fact is the unmet social needs we experienced earlier in life and carry forward into today, have not prepared us for the roles we need to play to get our daily life needs met presently. Of course we are going to fail! If we are still carrying yesterday’s payload, then how can we carry today’s payload as well? No human being can carry two payloads at the same time, no one! Can we run a footrace with a refrigerator on our backs? That is emotionally what we have been attempting, and then blaming ourselves for finishing last! God’s word says in Matthew 11:29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. What Jesus is talking about is the responsibility for the condition of our hearts, minds and thus our social lives. In other words trust God for all those areas, which you are presently taking responsibility and therefore the blame and guilt for, in their failure.

Social Anxiety Help: Surrender Responsibility Back to God

hen run, we also need to learn who we are in Christ before we can learn how to grow into an emotionally full and rich life.

Social Anxiety Help: God is proud of You Just as You Are Right Now.

The bottom line: Bring yourself to Jesus with all your mixed up emotions and deep needs and hurts that you cannot even understand. For right now, get rid of the shame, guilt and sense of failure and confusion you have about your social life and yourself. Set it aside for a while and let God sort it all out.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder An Overview

Post traumatic stress disorder is when a person experiences an event, series of events or settings from which they cannot later get over, let go, and go on with their life, even years later. There are several key players or causes which contribute to this uncomfortable life debilitating condition. Here are some of them:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: The Severity Of The Event

This can be caused by the severity of the events or settings, under which even the strongest of personalities would be affected. Long term studies have shown for example, that an average male soldier throughout his military career has only the emotional strength to be effective in heavy combat, as in World War Two, for a period of 100 days. Beyond that his military effectiveness is exhausted and he must be placed in more support duties such as in supply or in administrative jobs. We as humans are emotional creatures, and both genders have their specific emotional limits.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Genetic Causes

Beyond that, certain personalities have a predisposition for this weakness, which is another cause, which is genetic. We may have a personality or genetic weakness, inherited from our parents that makes it harder for us to let down, get over, and move on into a future, which is our present tense life, where things are more serene and we are in fact secure and safe. This type of personality is easily affected by trauma, especially sexual abuse and violence.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Familial Causes

There is a similar cause, attendant to but different from the genetic, which is familial. It would follow that a parent or parents who have a tendency for being hyper-vigilant, extremely insecure in their world view, would also teach their children by instruction and example, that the world is very unsafe, unfair, and hostile, to the point of distortion. For this type of personality, it is easy to imagine threat and extreme danger, even when there is little probability, or when none exists at all.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: The Combined Elements

Between the traumas of the event, the insecure inherited personality, and the learned posture of extreme permanent vigilance, overcoming PTSD can be very difficult. It can control our lives permanently unless we revisit a few things and look at them in a new light, and look for God’s Hand in our lives.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Steps In Therapy To Recovery

The truth is humankind was created by God in the profile of an animal and that animal is not a lion, bear, wolf, or other similar creature of independence. We are created in the profile of sheep!

In post traumatic stress disorder, where we have undergone extreme trauma such as sexual assault, perhaps as a child, we place all the burden of our security upon ourselves, instead of God, who is our shepherd. We in fact give over control of our minds and feelings to our assailant, perhaps a parent or other relative, even decades after the event. Because we had no control over circumstances then, we choose to relinquish control over our minds and emotions today, even though the danger has long passed. The truth is the circumstances have long since changed, and our thoughts, feelings and thusly our lives are like an unattended steering wheel in a moving vehicle.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Reclaiming Back Our Mind

With therapy and the support of sympathetic loved ones and family, we can regain permission to think our own thoughts, and feel our original feelings of trust and enthusiasm, and lastly make our own choices as to the direction of our lives. With help, over time, we can again put our hands back on the steering wheel, and take our emotional life where we, and not our threat or setting say we should go.

The Road Home: We Are God’s Responsibility, Not Our Own

You are created as a sheep, and as such you have a loving shepherd who wishes you to come to Him in a relationship. You were created to glorify Him. What that means is you were intended to be glorious yourself and lead a victorious life, that He may be glorified. Giving glory to the setting, event or the person who was once a threat to you does not glorify God. It would follow that your post traumatic stress disorder need not be permanent. God is your shepherd, not the past, and He clearly says in His word, ‘not to have any other gods before me.’

It is a reasonable response that post traumatic stress disorder is fully incurable, and most certainly life is unsafe. These assumptions are based upon the largely distorted perspectives of the sufferer! One step in therapy is to question the accuracy of our perspectives. Is it really as big a danger to walk alone across a parking lot, so much so that we fear it to the point of it controlling our lives?

Examine Our Perspectives

With time and help from others who love us, checking our perspectives with them will allow us to change those perspectives from irrational to rational. In contrast to the perspectives of sufferers, we definitely have more chance of winning the lottery or getting hit by a meteorite than we do of experiencing the original trauma or setting, as it happened originally.

None of these milestones will happen overnight, and it is imperative that we immerse ourselves in the company of those who are emotionally complete, so that we have good role models. We humans are mammals, and like all mammals, we learn by copying each other. What we are around we mimic, and mimicking another’s sense of well being is certainly possible. That is why shepherds put goats and llamas in with the sheep, so that the sheep do not panic in the presence of predators.

The Missing Element

The last element of our therapy is to establish a relationship to God, through Jesus Christ His Son, because He is our true shepherd. Did you know that before the foundation of this planet over four thousand, million years ago, God had you in His mind? He knew what you would look like, what your name would be, and what events He would let happen to you. All those events were designed to bring you to Him, and to bring glory to Him.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: What God Says

It says in His Word, in John 10:27-28, ‘My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.’ It also says in Jeremiah 23:4, ‘I will place shepherds over them who will tend them, and they will no longer be afraid or terrified, nor will any be missing,” declares the LORD.’

Lastly in Ezekiel 34:12, it states: ‘As a shepherd looks after his scattered flock when he is with them, so will I look after my sheep. I will rescue them from all the places where they were scattered on a day of clouds and darkness.’

In summary, there is a new element in our post traumatic stress disorder therapy who has dominion over every emotional infirmity we can experience, and that is our Lord and Shepherd , Jesus Christ.

Causes of Depression

Causes of Depression: What Happened

There are six major factors which contribute to a world view of hopelessness and depression. Three are external, and three are internal. While the exact causes may all be external, such as a missing parent in childhood, there are several internal contributors that make these external causes have vastly greater effect in our lives. If a person of lower character experiences an emotional need they will be affected less than a person of higher character and deeper spiritual nature. In effect they do not have the emotional need that others do because their emotional needs are far less. Reptiles do not get depressed or anxious!

Causes of Depression: Who We Are

Not all persons are the same spiritually: sadly some of us are predatory and reptilian in nature while others of us are more spiritual, and naturally more thoughtful and deeper feeling. It would follow that those who live life in a deeper emotional level would be more severely affected by emotional need that one of lesser character. In that sense, our very virtues and sensitivities contribute to the depression which we suffer. We have all met and suffered at the hands of these predatory people, either as an abusive parent, spouse or employer, and we have wondered ‘why can these people be so different and shallow?’ That differentness makes them immune to the very deep emotional needs which we have.

Causes of Depression: Satan’s Role

All humankind seeks Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as a naturally embraced right, as granted by God. Although God’s will is for us to live in surrender to Him in Peace, Love and Joy as a manifestation of The Holy Spirit within, there are six areas Satan readily trenches into in an attempt to prevent this relationship from ever happening. These clinical areas prevent our trusting in God through Jesus Christ His only Son and leaning on Him as His beloved and protected Sheep. It may also be we feel we are not deserving of a good life because of low self esteem.

Causes of Depression: God’s Promise

Jesus says in John10:29 ‘My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand.’ This is God’s promise that no man, or man created factor can keep you from the indwelling of The Holy Spirit and the fruits of Peace, Love and Joy which It brings.

Causes of Depression: Our Past’s Role

Genetics Inherited We inherit through our personality the world view of our parents. We do not always come into this world encouraged to embrace our natural unbiased, optimistic world view. If our parents are naturally negative, we genetically will have that same pessimistic tendency, even if they passed none of their negativity along to us through learned behavior.

For someone with a natural negative attitude towards others and life in general, this is actually good news. The reason is that in therapy, if they can learn to see their unrealistic negative outlook and that outlook could be incorrect and debilitating, they can learn to trust God, Life and others in general; real progress can then take place. If your family of origin have this negative tendency as their natural outlook, there is a strong chance this negativity is influencing your ability to be happy and to see the good in others and life’s opportunities as well.

Causes of Depression: Did We Learn Wrong?

Attendant to Genetics Inherited is Genetics Learned. It would follow that if our parents had a genetic predisposition to negativity they would go to great lengths to teach us all their world view to make us believe it as well. They probably did it in loving intent, to protect us from this evil harmful world. Neglectful parenting by itself is not a depression warning sign, but connected with a bright optimistic deep feeling child, and then the risk is very high. We might have had an optimistic love of life in the beginning, but a constant bombardment of negativity will kill even the most enthusiastic child and over time that child will die inside. If you originally believed in yourself, and had a love of Life and Others as your natural world view, that love of Life and Others is still within, and can be restored.

Causes of Depression: Unloved, or Unlovable?

God wishes you to surrender your life to Him and let Him resurrect that enthusiasm again through the Holy Spirit. Through therapy you can question your parents’ negative teachings (or what Life has taught you in the absence of loving nurturing parents). What may have been true for them, or true for you in past hardship, is not true for you today. You are not a helpless child anymore, and God will open doors of new opportunity if you reach out to Him, and find a flock of loving sheep in a nearby church. Being unloved does not mean being unlovable!

Causes of Depression: God’s Gifts Turned Against You

Other factors which can contribute strongly to depression include our intelligence, our personality, character, and lastly the past events or past conditions themselves. Insensitive, hateful and abusive personalities do not get depression or feel anxiety in the animal level where they they live. We have all met and had to deal with those type of predatory persons haven’t we!

Causes of Depression External and Internal

Genetics Inherited, Genetics Learned and The Traumatic Event or Crisis all come from the outside, but it is your Intelligence, Personality, and most importantly your Character internally that make the experience and the resultant need even more devastating. Your very virtues make you more susceptible to deep emotional need. Our anxiety and depression treatment and journey to wellness must begin by embracing our need for God through Jesus Christ, and an infilling of The Holy Spirit. Within that relationship is where we will find our answers in God’s higher definition of who we are, and begin to do the good works He has planned in advance for us to do.

Causes of Anxiety The Big Picture

Causes of Anxiety Our Thresholds

One of the biggest roadblocks to recovery from emotional states such as depression and specifically anxiety is a clear understanding of its causes. Unhealthy and debilitating anxiety happens because certain thresholds have been reached. What we need to discover are what things we have experienced that have contributed to these lowered thresholds, and what we can do to elevate these thresholds back up to healthy levels.

Causes of Anxiety Triggers From Our Past

One obvious cause of anxiety might be a dangerous experience, such as a near miss or trauma of some sort. This may not be just a physical traumatic event such as combat, auto accident, or being a victim of an assault. Just as traumatic are such things as social near misses and social traumas.

We all live not just in a physical world, but in a social and emotional environment as well. What that means is that an emotional insecurity from early life, gone unaddressed will lower our threshold to anxiety years and even decades later in a replay reminding us of our past unmet need for reassurance and personal worth.

Anxiety Causes and Satan’s Role

In many cases our long term experience with life damaging anxiety will bring on another long term condition that will complicate recovery and finding our causes, and that is our lowered self esteem. At some point our lowered self esteem will tell us: One; we should have never felt anxiety, and Two; but because we did, we do not deserve to recover. Both of these arguments are from Satan and are lies. Satan is The Accuser and will accuse your character and self esteem with these false assumptions.

Anxiety Causes How Satan Uses Them

Causes of anxiety, like depression, rarely come as a single or major cause where if we fix just one or two things, our life will become whole and complete. Generally speaking causes of anxiety come in combinations of many causes and contributors, where the effects are cumulative. No one cause, just like no one airplane will succeed in attacking a large warship at sea. It takes many planes attacking all at once in unison, for some of them to get through. Similarly it takes many causes and factors, working in unison in a war of attrition, to lower our threshold into severe anxiety. This is how Satan attacks us is in mass formations of circumstances and events to bring us down.

Anxiety Causes and How Satan Deceives Us

There is an advantage to Satan in doing it this way. If Satan attacks us with many small causes, and contributors leading us into a state of severe anxiety, we will assume the fault is ours and we will live in that state believing that is how life is, and that we cannot do, or do not deserve to do any better.

An example of how anxiety causes and contributors work together might be: If we were from a broken home in which we missed the input from both male and female parents, which alone would not normally cause us to be anxiety prone. If however we experienced a traumatic physical or social trauma later, and coupled with a hyper-vigilant personality, plus being overtired with worry, such a combination could bring us into a long term state of anxiety.

There are causes of anxiety, such as being attacked by a dog or freezing up at a social event, and there are contributors to it, that lower our threshold to coping with it when we do encounter the difficult situation.

We can look back at our life and make a list of all the things missing from our past, and then make a list of all the traumatic and negative events we have experienced. With a little help from loving friends we can address each cause, and cover each contributing factor, until our thresholds for dealing with anxiety have been restored where we again can once again feel comfortable in our own skin.

Some Specific Contributors to Anxiety
Non-intimate or Abusive Parents
Being Misunderstood as a Child
Missing Parents
Our Learned Family Outlook
Traumatic Physical Events
Traumatic Social Events
Low Self Esteem
Being Single
Being Unemployed
Our Personality
Some Specific Causes of Anxiety
Having no Foundation for Security
Needing a Family
Needing Attention
Needing Love
Needing a Church
Needing Christ

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